whale watching

Whale Watching - 3 hour tour

Hop on board your very own whale spotting vessel 'MV2000' at the Geraldton Fisherman's Wharf and cruise the Indian Ocean, taking in the beauty of Geraldton's iconic backdrop cruising the waters and spotting the beautiful Whales as they migrate.


A light morning tea is offered towards the end of the tour and the bar is opened for a frothie on the way in, you couldn't ask for a better way to spend a morning with friends or family!

We recommend taking Kwells the night prior for adults and children over 12 if prone to seasickness.

For a full 360 Degree walk through of MV2000, Click the below link!


$75 Adults

$40 Children Under 12

Infants Under 2 Free



your whale watching adventure

times may alter slightly pending weather

8:30am - boarding COMMENCES


Passengers are required to board the vessel a minimum of 15 minutes before departure (8am).

Ensure you have your ticket handy for boarding.

Jump onboard & enjoy the complimentary morning tea/coffee, find a seat & get ready for your Adventure.

9:00am - departure


MV2000 Departs the Geraldton Fisherman’s Wharf.

9:15am - locate the whales

Plane boat.JPG

With the assistance of Geraldton Air Charter, we are directed to the Migrating Whales! Usually around 10km from the Geraldton Coast.

11:00am - light morning tea


Morning Tea will be placed on the servery on the bottom deck & guests will be encouraged to help themselves.

12:00pm - arrival to



8:55AM - boarding closes


Gates are locked & our crew will commence their pre-departure checks.

9:05am - safety briefing

Our crew will perform a quick safety briefing shortly after departure. This will include the demonstration of using a life jacket as well as our emergency evacuation procedure.

Our crew will also point out the vessel amenity locations including toilets & entry/exit points onboard the vessel.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 12.31.16 pm.pn

9:30am - spot the whales

Keep your eyes peeled...


11:30am - visit seal rock


Cruise past Seal Rock on the way back into Geraldton. 

Arrive back into Geraldton, unload & head home.