These are the terms and conditions of Abrolhos Adventures. Please read them and if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us. These terms and conditions are in effect once we have confirmed your booking either via phone, email or in person.


General Rules:

§  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the departure time of your trip, as we will not wait for late customers as it’s not fair for others to be left waiting.

§  We recommend wearing enclosed footwear for safety reasons.


Bookings and Payments:

§  Tentative bookings may be held for up to 7 days. If the 7 days has passed and we have not received confirmation via email or phone, the booking will be taken out of our system without notification.

§  All bookings require credit card details to be held by us as security, and a deposit of 20%. We will not make any changes to your credit card unless specified or in accordance with our terms and conditions.

§  A 20% Deposit is required within 7 days of booking and balance of payment is due at least 1 month prior to the event date.

§  All trips are refundable if Abrolhos Adventures cancel or reschedule the trip.

§  Gift vouchers are non refundable and we can only offer a reschedule on gift voucher bookings.

§  The person making the booking is responsible for the total payment of the organised trip. If they have made a booking for 5 people and only 4 people turn up, then they are responsible for making up the difference.


Cancellations and Refunds:

§  If you have booked a full boat and there are cancellations within your party, we require a minimum of 1 month notice to fill the vacancy or your party will be liable to pay the difference.

§  Abrolhos Adventures requires 1 month notice if you wish to cancel your booking. In the event that 1 month notice is not given you will forfeit your deposit. However, if notice is given with less than 3 days notice you are then liable to pay for the booking (we may charge your credit card the full amount of the booked trip).

§  You may nominate a full refund of deposit or transfer your deposit to an alternative date if your trip has been cancelled by Abrolhos Adventures.

§  If a person becomes unwell and requests to be returned back to shore, then no refund will be given and it is also up to the Skipper’s discretion whether or not to return to port.

§  Abrolhos Adventures will not be held liable for any indirect costs incurred by booking a fishing charter with us.

§  In the event the trip is cancelled at any time by Abrolhos Adventures, we will not be held liable for any travel costs, meals, accommodation or any other costs the customer may have incurred.


Gift Vouchers:

§  Gift vouchers must be produced at the time of boarding, otherwise a new fare must be paid.

§  If the customer holding the voucher misses the trip on the booked day without providing notice or is late and boat has left port, then the voucher will be forfeited.

§  Gift vouchers are not transferrable or refundable.



§  All charters are subject to suitable weather conditions (the decision is made at the discretion of the skipper) and we reserve the right to cancel any trip due to bad weather (even at short notice).

§  Off-shore trips are pending on weather conditions. To travel to the Abrolhos Islands we require settled conditions that adhere to Marine Board requirements. If inclement weather conditions prevail, it is up to the Skipper’s discretion as to whether the trip will proceed. You may nominate a full refund of deposit or transfer your deposit to an alternative date if your trip has been cancelled due to weather.

§  In an instance where the weather may turn unexpectedly it is at the discretion of the Skipper as to whether any, a full, or part refund is given.


Safety Brief:

§  A safety brief is given on board before departure.

§  All customers must declare any pre-existing medical conditions or any medication prior to booking and departure (as some people may require special attention).

§  We have the right to ask any customer to wear a life jacket at any time.

§  Those who are unable to swim are asked to wear a life jacket at all times.


Customer Behaviour:

§  It is required that all customers behave in a safe and respectful manner to all staff, other customers and our property.

§  If we find that there has been loss or damage to our equipment or vessel due to negligence or unruly behaviour then the customer will be liable for replacement or repair of the item (funds will be taken from the credit card that is held for security).

§  The Skipper reserves the right to cancel a trip and payment forfeited if unruly or unsafe behaviour is displayed.



Fortitude & Assassin (BYO)

§  Alcohol is allowed onboard the vessel, however responsible consumption of alcohol is to be adhered to.

§  The Skipper reserves the right to: refuse alcohol onboard if he deems it to be unsafe, refuse a passenger onboard the vessel if they are under the influence of alcohol and can cancel the trip with no refund.

MV2000 - Licensed Bar, no BYO

§ Abrolhos Adventures Bar Staff & Approved Manager onboard reserve the right to : refuse alcohol onboard if they deem it to be unsafe, refuse a passenger onboard the vessel if they are under the influence of alcohol and can cancel the trip with no refund.


Global Positioning System:

§  All GPS are banned from the boat and may be confiscated and returned at the end of the trip.

Here at Abrolhos Adventures we want to provide a safe and happy fishing experience for our customers. However due to the nature of a fishing charter please be mindful that there is a remote risk of injury or even the more extreme. Please understand and appreciate the dangers involved and once aboard the vessel the customer must assume and accept all these risks.

Whale Watching

§   If no whales are seen during the cruise, you will be able to attend the next available tour free of charge. If unable to make the next tour you will receive 50% off next time you book.


Abrolhos Adventures

Geraldton Fishermans Wharf

154 Connell Rd,

Geraldton WA 6530

Ph: 08 9942 4515 or 0448 089 707

Email: admin@abrolhosadventures.com.au

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