How many people can you take onboard for your Island Day Trips onboard the Fast Ferry?

The Fast Ferry can take up to 100 people onboard for our Abrolhos Island Adventure Tours, this can be increased for private bookings.

Can we sleep onboard the Fast Ferry?

Unfortunately, our Fast Ferry MV2000 Does not accommodate for liveaboard charters, this vessel is purely for Day Trips. Alternatively, we have liveaboard arrangements onboard our vessels 'Fortitude' & 'The Abrolhos Sea Shack'.

Can we fish on the Day Trips onboard THE FAST FERRY?

No, our day trips include snorkelling, sightseeing, SUP Boarding & Relaxation! No time for Fishing.

Does your bar onboard the Fast Ferry take both Cash & Card?

No, we are EFTPOS only

How many people can you sleep onboard Fortitude for a Liveaboard Charter?

Fortitude can sleep 9 onboard plus 2 crew members.

How many people can you sleep onboard THE ABROLHOS SEA SHACK for a Liveaboard Charter?

The Abrolhos Sea Shack can sleep 10 onboard plus 3 crew members.

Can we bring our own alcohol onboard Fortitude?

Yes! Fortitude is BYO

What species of Fish can we catch at the Islands?

Our most common catches at the Islands include WA Dhu Fish, Snapper, Baldchin Groper or Bluebone Groper, Coral Trout, Cod, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Mackerel & Tuna.


YES! Brodie visited us to do a 3-day Liveaboard Charter onboard Fortitude at the Abrolhos Islands. Link below to watch the YouTube video’s & check out what he got up to!

When are the best months for Fishing at the Abrolhos Islands?

March through to July is typically the best time of year to Fish at the Islands, however we operate all year round excluding the Demersal Ban

What is the Demersal Ban & How long does it go for?

The Demersal ban is when the fish are Spawning, which means they are depositing eggs. This ban goes from 15th October to 15th December (inclusive) each year. During this time, we do not perform fishing charters

When is the Baldchin Groper Ban at the Abrolhos Islands?

The “Baldchin Groper” or “Bluebone Groper” Ban runs from 15th November to 15th January (inclusive), however we do fish in January, just targeting other species

What is the difference between the 2- & 3-hour Pot Pull options?

The 2-hour Pot pull includes a pot pull & keep what you catch (up to 8 crays per person) as well as a cruise to Seal Rock to check out the Sea Lions.

The 3-hour pull includes a pot pull & catch as well as a cook up of the catch onboard afterwards! Keep the remaining crays to take home!

How many Crayfish can I take home?

Max 8 Crayfish per person per day (dependant on number caught on the given day)

Do we catch crayfish on the Liveaboard Charters?

Yes! On minimum 3 day Liveaboard trips we will take our Cray Pots and set them at the islands to catch some Crays.