Fishing || Snorkelling || Diving || Cray pot pulling || Abrolhos Day tours from $250 per person
Locally owned and operated ||  Available 365 days of the year || Skipper with 30 years local knowledge

Abrolhos Island Charters


 122 islands



Diving (Dive Master available)

Day tour 23 persons - $250 per person

Day tour fishing 13 persons - $400 per person

Overnighter to three day tour 9 persons - $420 per person per day

Four to seven day tour 9 Persons - $400 per person per day

Eight plus day tour 9 persons - $380 per person per day


Our skipper has 30 years experience fishing the islands - Was a commercial Crayfisherman and has been operating charter boats for the past ten years... there isn't a tour who've left disapointed!


In addition he has all the knowledge to ensure  we aren't fishing out the top spots... fishing for the future is essential!

Fishing gear, tackle and bait all supplied

Snorkelling gear, food and non alcoholic drinks also supplied

Bucks Nights & Hens Celebrations

​​Planning an epic bucks party?

Have the honour of arranging an awesome hens soiree?


Weather the celebration is for 8 or 48 guests the team at

Abrolhos Adventures have all the facilities to ensure a

memorable experience for all aboard!

We have the lights... the sound system and are ready to PARTAY!

Protected waters 48 persons minimum 4 hours $300 per hour

Open waters 23 persons minimum 4 hours $400 per hour 

Geraldton Harbour Cruises 

Various cruises available - up to 48 person capacity!

Seal rock

African Reef

Cray pot pulling tour

Anchor and hang in Champion Bay

Protected waters min 4 hour hire - $300 per hour (48 persons)

Open waters min 4 hour hire - $400 per hour (23 persons)

Cray pot pulling tour 2 hours $100  per person (23 persons)

Cray pot pulling tour with cooked lunch 3 hours $150 (23 persons)

Want something out of the box? Call for a chat and we'll see what we can come up with! 0448 089 707

0448 089 707